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Thread: Constructed Tournament @ Victory Comics, Falls Church, VA 22043 - Sept. 6 12:30pm

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    Constructed Tournament @ Victory Comics, Falls Church, VA 22043 - Sept. 6 12:30pm


    Just like any other constructed event except with a little twist

    Standard constructed rules for team building. Bring 8 character/action cards, with 20 dice spread among them, not surpassing the MAX dice amount written on each card, along with 2 basic action cards, and ideally 3 basic action dice in four different colors, but at least in two, along with color indicator cards.

    Restricted cards for this event are: Black Widow - Tsarina, Hulk - Green Goliath, Constantine - Hellblazer, Green Goblin - Gobby, and Jocasta - Patterned After Janet.

    For this event, a special rule will be in effect: the UXM Professor X global ability on Recruiting Young Mutants and Trainer will be globally in effect in every game during every round, without the card needing to be in play.

    So bring your biggest, baddest characters, with the highest fielding cost... or maybe be tricky and bring lots of little dudes for some fast damage and pinging ability, and get ready to swing for the fences; don't worry about whether or not you'll have to face it or build around it, just embrace the PXG Global, and drink the Kool-Aid...

    Here is the text of the global ability, for anyone not familiar: "Global: Pay [1 Mask] . Move up to 2 Sidekick dice from your used pile to your prep area."

    This ability will be available as if each player had a Professor X - Trainer/Recruiting Young Mutants on their team, automatically.

    Any abilities that would be triggered by use of a global ability will also be triggered by this use of this "literally global" global ability, as if the player using the ability has the card with the global ability on their team, if anything would be effected by ownership of global ability card.

    Can't wait to see what everybody thinks of, and remember, unless you plan on fielding the character, don't put Professor X- Trainer/Recruiting Young Mutants onto your team.
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