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Thread: My Soaring Patch Team

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    My Soaring Patch Team

    So I wanted to share a team I came up with and have been using for the past couple of days. Not sure if the "combo" has been posted, but if it has perhaps you guys could give me some tips on how to improve it.

    My play group is pretty much Marvel/DC only, so if you could keep suggestions within the confines of those IPs that'd be awesome!

    So the main dice I try to assemble in this team is as follows:

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    So with Patch and Angel out, using S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier on Angel makes him unblockable for the turn, and he swings for a minimum of 10 damage. With assist from an Enrage/Anger Issues/Invulnerability global, Angel can easily swing for lethal in one attack! So yes, this is pretty much just a spin on a Patch Avengers team lol. I opted for the uncommon S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier because the boost to attack is higher and more reliable than it's common counterpart (+3A vs. +2A/+2D on the common, but rolling a burst on the common grants an extra +1A/+1D). Since I'm making Angel unblockable anyways, the boost to defense serves no purpose, and I don't want to take my chances on not hitting a burst face (50/50 is iffy enough with my rolling luck!).

    Alright, so with the core out of the way, here is the rest of my team:;3x32avx

    Beast - Genetic Expert
    Professor X - Trainer
    Wasp - Founding Avenger
    Baron Zemo - Thunderbolt
    Namor - The Sub-Mariner

    BAC1: Enrage
    BAC2: Smash!

    So my choice of ramp is Prof X, using Beast as my source of cheap masks. Beast is also my choice for early defense if my opponent is opting for cheap and aggressive buys.

    Wasp is great for several purposes. If my opponent relies heavily on Prof X. ramp as well, then Wasp can punish them with a few pings. Every drop of life makes it that much easier for Angel to finish the job. If my opponent decides to bring Distraction (which does hamper my team quite a bit), she definitely comes in handy! She's also an Avenger, so if I catch my opponent off guard with Patch out, she can also hit for a big chunk. And finally, in the early/late stages, she can help me with energy for SHIELD Helicarrier, or as bolts for my Enrage global.

    Baron Zemo seems great on paper - the idea of being able to re-use SHIELD Helicarrier seemed super sweet. However, in my testing, usually the one big swing from Angel was enough to end the game if I got a little bit of early-game damage in. If I were to add another card, Baron Zemo is probably the first one I'm looking to sub out. Still, he's a relatively inexpensive cost (plus he gives bolts!) with potential to end the game if my first attack couldn't finish the job!

    And finally, Namor. Another unblockable with a different requirement. If I get a Namor out with SHIELD Helicarrier, he could kill even without Patch! But that's not the reason he's on the team. On paper, he looks like a "win more" card, but he's here specifically as a backup win condition if my opponent is able to shut down Angel or Patch (which i found Zombie Magneto does a great job of shutting down Angel!).

    For basic actions, I use Enrage for the +1A global, and the Smash! global as well for defense. Plus, it can't be used as efficiently against me since my main win conditions cannot be blocked!

    So let me know what you think! One character I was thinking of trying out was Falcon - Recon. With unblocked sidekicks, I could just as easily apply SHIELD Helicarrier on one of them, and I wouldn't be as heavily reliant on having multiple sidekicks fielded like a flying sidekick team. Plus I run trainer, and if my back is up against the wall I guess I could be a weird psuedo flying sidekick team. But for now, he's just an idea I had. Another idea was switching to Red Tornado for ramp/churn instead, so that my opponent does not have access to my PXG.

    And I know I said Marvel/DC only, but just as a thought - if I went unlimited, I would probably convert to Kobold ramping, and of course Red Dragon global to speed up my Helicarrier buys! And I would probably finally add a DCK to prevent Distraction shenanigans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasci View Post
    If you're using SHIELD Helicarrier explicitly to push Angel as an unblockable, you should probably be using Infiltrate instead.
    Infiltrate doesn't provide the attack bonus that the helicarrier does.

    Also If you went unlimited, you need doom caliber knight in there to prevent distraction.

    Very cool build... I've actually been testing the angel-helicarrier-patch interaction myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasci View Post
    If you're using SHIELD Helicarrier explicitly to push Angel as an unblockable, you should probably be using Infiltrate instead.
    Yeah, like @paradox22 said, it's not just the affiliation, it's also the +3A (making Angel hit for a minimum of 10 damage with patch out). Although you do have a good suggestion with infiltrate. With infiltrate, it's 1 energy cheaper, and I can use Ant-Man's global to flip his A and D. I'll brew it up and see how the games differ with infiltrate instead. My main concern is my opponent's ability to purchase infiltrate as well, but I'm not sure how often they would do it haha.

    And also, it'd be awesome to see your build @paradox22 !

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    Ran something like this against @Shadowmeld on vassal last night. Missed faces on Angel and Patch the entire game. You might want a big threat to buy in that case. I used red dragon and it worked out. But the other option is to load up on Angel. Making one an Avenger makes them all unblockable.

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    Yeah, drop namor for the SR Red dragon and you can deal 14+ in one hit with a helicarrier and a lvl 1 dragon. A red dragon, and his twin helicarrier escort.

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    Haha, Red Dragon and his twin Helicarrier escort, I like that!

    Like I mentioned though, the guys I play with play with comic sets exclusively. My unlimited comment was really just a fun side-note on how my team would change in that scenario, but 90% of my playtime is Marvel/DC so I've been tweaking my team for that. Are there any other Marvel/DC subs you guys would suggest over Namor? The quickest thing I could think of is Hulk since he's already an Avenger with a great ability, but I feel that's a cop-out and it would turn into a Hulk team with a twist instead.

    And of course, just for funsies, this is what I would use if my meta was unlimited:;3x25jl

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    SR Wolverine comes to mind. There are, I'm sure, plenty of other good options

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    A buddy of mine plays a patch/canucklehead team. It's very fun to play and play against. It is very temperamental and heavily energy dependant though, and generally he attacks with Wolverine regardless of the helicarrier being out or not.

    He uses Summoned Skull to keep throwing him back in the bag and kobolds for extra energy. Black widow Natasha and cap super soldier are his other characters I think.

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