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Thread: Demo Teams for Beginners

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    Demo Teams for Beginners

    Hey there, since my "incident" i asked for opinions what to do and how and i got the idea, to start at the very beginning.
    Everybody of us started somewhere, seeing this Game, asking for a Demo, the Owner takes out his Starter Set and set ups maybe 4 Characters for us and for him then is teaching us the game. Maybe we win, maybe we lose, we dont even know why it went that or the other way, but hopefully it was a fun exerience for both.

    So every time when i got a someone to playtest it, i had the trouble to create a OK- Starter- Team with not too much confusing things, but with enough variation to explain some Keywords and Basic Rules more understandable.

    So this Thread is for Starter Teams, that you would Suggest to play for beginners and when they are finished, i would like to bring them on the First Posting here to people who need fast a team can get it here for preparing or at hand with internet on Handy.

    I think a good way is,
    - post your team(s)
    - if unsure ask for help and/or opionions and post the finished team(s) if you made changes afterwards.

    My Teams will follow and post below this one for a better overview.

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    So my first teams will be for the Justice League only. Every team has 6 Cards so you have some more ways to play it. I tried not to make it too specific to counter one aspect, thats the reason why Harley is not the 3 Cost and there is no Joker in it. Someone could say, "this teams missing great heroes and villains". I would say, maybe, but i wanted to integrate some starter cards and some cheap cards. And if they ask, tell them or show them the cards they want to see.

    Beginner DC Villain Team:


    Beginner DC Heroes Team:

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