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Thread: Unblockable Thanos with Ultron Drone Global

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    Unblockable Thanos with Ultron Drone Global

    Thanos: The Mad Titan - Thanos Cannot be blocked

    Ultron Drone: 01000100 01101001 01100101 - Global: Pay FF Force an opposing character die to block a character of your choice this turn.

    If I attack with Thanos, can I force my opponent's characters to block him? What happens? where does Thanos go after damage has been dealt?

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    I didnt found it in the rulebook, sorry for this, but
    it is written somewher-> cannot trumps can. So no you can't do this. And Thanos would go to the used pile if there are no other effects to occur.

    I know the Globals have "force" and "Choose" of the 3 versions for this card, but they mean all the same.

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    So I can't use Ultron Drones global to make a character block Thanos? Why not? You can use a ring of magnetism on Lord of D.

    Why can you do this, but cannot use ultron drones global to affect Thanos???? I want to use it as a way to get rid of my opponents blockers...

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    Because his text says "he cannot be blocked". So that means Forcing, chosing means they will be negated because of Cant>Can

    There are characters that have possibilities to go through unblocked with combinations.

    Black Widow - Cold Warrior:
    Black Widow can only be blocked by Sidekicks.
    If you combine her with
    Black Canary: Crime-Fighter:
    When fielded, no Sidekicks can block this turn.
    Black Widow cannot be blocked, even when her text says "can only be blockedy by Sidekicks"

    Additional to this example.
    You use the Global from Mr. Fantastic "Pay 1 Mask, target character must attack".

    Now if you would use an effect from another card, that would say "Character X cant attack" like Constantine Hellblazer or Frost Giant, it would not work and the forced character cannot attack.

    And i am sorry it is not in the Rulebook(i didnt found it right now), there i was wrong but in the WKForum and maybe the FAQ on their website.

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    No he cant be blocked. If you force him to its an illegal action. The only way possible to make force block is by wiping his text away such as prismatic spray (you cant use actions on their turn either way) or using Lokis bolt ability.

    It's the same with using Toad forcing someone to attack and the target is pepper. All Pepper Potts cards in the text say "she cannot attack" so forcing her to is also an illegal move. Neutralized.

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