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Thread: Parallax global

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    Parallax global

    With the way it's worded, can you use it to clear out opposing energy left for globals before your attack? Sort of like a preemptive Doomcalzone so you can still target your characters after combat triggers. Or can it only target your own dice? Based on the wording I'm thinking the former.

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    Based on shield agent, yes to opponent's field, no to opponent's reserve pool.

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    So pretty much all characters are unblockable now?

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    Thought the same thing as well, which could potentially be devastating. Already submitted a rules query.

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    Would that included attached gear and equipment dice as well? Could this actually be new way to remove Cerebro?

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    As written, it does mean any dice in the field. I HOPE that Wizkids puts out some Thanos level rewording, and say "of course we mean your own dice". Don't play it like it reads. This one is different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy Mon View Post
    Seeing everybody doing it, i want to, i didnt predicted the ruling, i just predicted as the first being that they will do something, and we should wait! Haha ive done it too. Now i can rest in peace... S_S

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    Thank God. Also that SR Parallax has a pretty sweet ability. I don't think it's good enough to be competitive but I'll definitely use it in some casual jank.

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    Don't see any reason right now you can't use it as many times as you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy Mon View Post
    No limit.
    (Maybe seems obvious, but for the sake of clarity) I'm assuming you mean you may use the global until you are out of energy?

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    Also keeping in mind that you can't re-roll dice once they've been partially spun down to pay for an ability/effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy Mon View Post

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    Just noticed that the errata for Parallax global reads "Pay: 1" instead of "Use: 1"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    No errata for Shield Agents?
    Yeah...I'd like to see that as well. However, that would mean they'd have to overturn the ruling on the WK forum. Is there any precident for this...has Wizkids ever made a ruling/errata and then later changed thier minds and made a second different ruling/errata?

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    Not publicly, that I'm aware of. Before the Rules Forum existed, they had an email address for rules questions, and I know that they had to recant some of those emailed rulings when they went public with the official FAQ and Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    No errata for Shield Agents?
    Those were quite clearly ruled a certain way, they will not receive an errata. If they were to have had an errata, it would have come when they were ruled on.

    Parallax, however, was not intended to be offensive in this manner, but rather allow you to proc parallax's effect by rerolling either sidekicks or even fielded dice. This is just WizKids cleaning up their own poor wording to keep the effect they wanted.

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    The Shield Agent is powerful, but also dependant upon your opponent playing into your strategy. He's dominating in Marvel only play, but against the likes of a Dragon team, or even Deans world championship team, he actually doesn't affect your opponent at all.

    Paralax's global... Did.

    Glad they 1) got right on top of that, 2) did it with the least actual additional text. Most people who knew about the Shield Agent ruling, will likely find out about this errata, meaning it was the right move. Again, I am impressed and commend them on their speed and quick decision making. Also, on Labor Day Friday of all days.

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    First off, I'm very glad that they have jumped in before the chaos could reign and made a ruling.

    That being said: his name still sounds like something a guy, who is nervous about jumping out of an airplane, would take because he was "stopped up".

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    I don't like how they are just casually trying to slip in the fact that the global can reroll dice from the reserve pool.

    We have a rule in the rule book. It states that you can only effect dice in the field, unless it says differently.

    If this rule is bothering them, then lose it, but stop just making cards that effect other places without being specific.

    According to how they have posted about it, the errata is really:

    "Global: Pay (1) before your Attack Step: Reroll one or more of your dice. You may choose dice in any combination from the field or reserve pool."

    or something like that. I've spent 10 seconds on it. I'm sure even it could get better.

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