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    What do you guys think of this combo?

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    I'd rather have "the option to" KO Grundy in the attack step.

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    Blue Eyes still the better option. Have the option in the main step and attack step.

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    Spectre can KO himself so if you have enough removal he's essentially targeted removal every turn. I don't think it's good enough for competitive play, but comboing him with Grundy seems weird when you could just build a team that uses him like a recurring puzzle effect.

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    I was thinking it could potentially be used to remove multiple characters and then deliver hefty damage to the opponent. Grundy can KO a character, Spectre can KO a character, and then his global can KO a sidekick, leaving Spectre on the table to deal 6 direct damage to the opponent. Ahh well. Maybe I'm thinking about this wrong and/or it's too situational

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