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Thread: Newbie Dragons - thoughts/ideas

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    Newbie Dragons - thoughts/ideas

    Hey y'all.

    Here is my first crack at deck building. Please keep in mind I have limited selection so go easy!

    Elf Wizard - Greater Order of the Gauntlet x 3
    Blue Dragon - Lesser Dragon x 3
    Half-Dragon - Paragon Humanoid x 2
    Green Dragon - Lesser Dragon x 2
    Copper Dragon - Paragon Dragon x 2
    Red Dragon - Epic Dragon x 3

    Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell x 2
    Limited Wish - Paragon Spell x 3

    So? What would add or leave? I'm personally considering -1 wish for +1 Half-Dragon....

    Also which Basic Actions woukd be good? I have the marvel UXM ones and the JL ones.

    Thanks friends!

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    If you want, you can use my new dragon deck. Gives you some ideas.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wasp-Founding-Avenger.jpg 
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    Kobolds provide that churn, ramp and energy for breath weapon. Red Dragon for that double activation of either millennium puzzle or powerbolt and action deduction. Wasp for that simple burn if they use your professor x and transfer power/other globals. Constantine to provide cheap shields, fielding effect characters and simple wipe text for a much needed extra turn.

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    I'd consider changing the Epic Red to the uncommon one (use life instead of energy for breath weapon) it gives a bit more option when you're short on energy. Also maybe drop something for prof x (PXG global) so you can ramp more easily. As to actions Polymorph is useful in multiple ways, maybe resurrection for more ramp?

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