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Thread: Wonder Woman - Loved by Gods - Together or Seperated

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    Wonder Woman - Loved by Gods - Rolling Together or Seperated

    So here is one of the new WOL Cards from Wonder Woman, and she has a really cool ability

    Wonder Woman - Loved by Gods:
    While Wonder Woman is active, if you roll 3 or more Shields,(excluding ?), your Sidekicks are unblockable this turn.
    I am worried about a future ruling of her, because it is clearly not worded to roll the needed Shields together or seperate but in a sum of all your rolls, in your turn.

    Well there is another Card that has slightly similar text:

    Red Tornado - Lab Creation:
    While Red Tornado is active, once per turn, if you draw 3 or more Sidekicks during your Clear and Draw Step, you may put all the Sidekicks into your Used Pile and draw 4 new dice.

    And i am fearing he could be downgraded if they ever rule Wonder Woman or the wording of an action as "together" when a number of things in the text are mentioned.
    I know the "DRAW" in the Clear and Draw Step happens to Magnetos Hellfire Club Ruling as 1 instance like a Bubble.

    In my logic now i can decide when i drawed these 3 SDKs in C&D Step because it is one Instance Step that happens.

    On the other hand for Wonder Woman, if i roll 2 Shields now, and then reroll i have to keep those 2 Shields and get another Shield to trigger her Effect, because the Instance for Drawing ,why not for rolling and rerolling too?

    Otherwise i could just roll 2 Shields, roll this die again, get 1 or 2 shield side again and have rolled my 3 or more shields.

    And the most and logic guess by me is, you have to roll 3 shields in one roll or reroll.
    So where i am wrong/right here?^^

    EDIT: OMG I AM SORRY FOR THIS TITLE X_X , there is Missing "The" for the Name of the Card and this "Together or seperated" could be missunderstood, for the sake of her and me please Some Mod/Admin change it to just here Name!!!
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    I'm not even going to try anymore. I can see it both ways.

    Besides, someone will come along 30 posts later and say it's all speculation until we get a ruling, and would be right. (That is not directed at anyone in particular.)

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    It's all speculation until we get a ruling.

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    The way I see it is clear, and the other way doesn't make any sense.

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