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    PAX Prime

    (copied from Wizkids official site)

    We would like to thank everyone that came and visited us this past weekend at PAX Prime 2015. It was awesome to see so much support from the gaming community. The WizKids Team had a great time introducing Dice Masters to new players and running the Unlimited Constructed Tournament and Starter Set Tournament.

    Congratulations to Alexander Jovanovic who went undefeated in the Swiss rounds and was declared the winner of the Unlimited Constructed Tournament, earning himself a Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Factory Set!

    Check out Alexander’s winning team:

    4x Beast – Mutate #666
    4x Constantine – Hellblazer
    2x Human Paladin – Lesser Emerald Enclave
    2x Nova – The Human Rocket
    2x Human Torch – Johnny Storm
    2x Hulk – Jade Giant
    3x Wasp – Founding Avenger
    1x Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants
    Magic Missile

    We would also like to recognize the winner of our Starter Set Tournament, Michael White, who also was undefeated in Sunday’s Swiss rounds.

    Michael’s Starter Set team included:

    2x Thor – Odinson
    2x Storm – Goddess of the Plains
    2x Spider-Man – Webslinger
    2x Iron Man – Inventor
    2x Human Torch – “Flame On!”
    2x Hulk – Jade Giant
    2x Captain America – Star-Spangled Avenger
    2x Beast – Genetic Expert
    Gearing Up

    We would like to give a special thanks to the WizKids Volunteers that made our PAX Prime presence such a success! We hope to see you all again at future events!

    So, @Indymon and @RainCityJenna , are you guys now an official part of "The WizKids Team"? :-)

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    @pk2317 Does being a volunteer make it official? I think I speak for both of us when I say we just really want to see the game be a success. :P

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