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Thread: Elf Wizard ability

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    If it just says Action Dice, then it's both Basic and non-Basic actions.

    When you field her, all action dice get a 1 energy discount until the end of the turn. You can combine it with Red Dragon's global.

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    Yes, yes, and yes.

    She's pretty sweet.

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    You still need to pay 1 for the action die. It's not free unless stated otherwise on the card text.

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    Suggest you bring force attack global as well. If your opponent chooses not to attack, then Elf Wizard can't block, and you can't cycle through your action.

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    If you really want to use that Magneto...Perhaps using this BAC might prove better than Anger Issues.

    This way you are getting all of Magneto's attack value through each turn, and you are taking full advantage of his card ability becuase he'll go to prep each time he is unblocked with Dimension Door.

    With Anger issues, yes you are getting the +3A, but your opponent still could block Magneto and potentially absorb all that attack.

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