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Thread: Prismatic Spray and "End of Turn"

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    Prismatic Spray and "End of Turn"

    Quick question:

    PRISMATIC SPRAY removes the text from character cards until "end of turn." The rulebook says that "all effects end" in the cleanup phase.

    So, if my opponent uses Prismatic Spray during his turn, do its effects cease during his cleanup phase? Or do they last through my following turn, until my cleanup phase?

    The question is occasioned by some play last week, when my opponent was using Prismatic Spray to lock down my board by removing character text during his turn and mine. This was how he understood the card to work, and I've never played with it. So I'm not saying anyone was being unfair, but I thought it best to check on how/if this has been ruled. I didn't see anything on the WK rules forum, but I may not have worded my search well.

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    When he uses Prismatic spray, then he used one of his abilities, that are possible for him. Then at the end of his turn, this effect ends.

    You stated it correct with your first sentence. Tell him how it is, show him the Page in the Rulebook, that clears most of time the issues, missunderstandings or maybe just not knowing about it.

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    It says until of end turn. Their turn. When their turn ends all your character card text returns. Your BAC's are uneffected.

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