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Thread: Wasp Rare and Hulk GG

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    Wasp Rare and Hulk GG

    What happens if i have Hulk: Green Goliath in the field and my opponent has Wasp(Rare) in the field
    her text says:
    While Wasp is active, when your opponent uses a Global Ability, she deals them 1 damage.
    Global: Once per turn, you may pay 2 to deal 1 damage to a character or player.

    So when i use her global on my Hulk, will he trigger twice because it is 2 different sources for his effect? First my hulk get damaged and second wasp will deal me 1 damage.

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    Wasp is not the source of the damage from the global, so the 'same source' ruling does not apply.

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    It'll trigger twice. You hit your Hulk then you bled yourself life for one triggering Hulk again.

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