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Thread: Confirmation on Green Goliath and Jade Giant

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    Each use of the global is treated as a separate game effect. Therefore, after each use, Hulk's effect will process.

    One single game effect that damages both you and Hulk would not cause Hulk to process twice.

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    There is one grey area:

    Single effects that damage either you or Hulk multiple times.

    An example of this would be:

    You have Hulk fielded, and Iron Man Inventor global (Pay [1 Shield] to redirect 1 damage from you to one of your characters) is available.
    Opponent attacks with Blue Dragon Lesser Dragon, that has Breath Weapon 1, and pays 1 to activate the Breath Weapon.
    You pay a Shield to redirect the 1 damage you take from the Breath Weapon to your Hulk.

    Hulk will have taken two lots of 1 damage from the Breath Weapon - one lot directly, and another lot via the redirect.

    It is not absolutely clear whether this triggers Hulk once or multiple times, but my reading of the relevant rules and rulings is that is would trigger Hulk once only.

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