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Thread: Hawkeye - What Kind of Arrow?

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    Hawkeye - What Kind of Arrow?

    So when looking at the rules for when fielded abilities it says it is an ability that triggers when paying a characters fielding cost. Hawkeye - What Kind of Arrow? Reads When fielded, your opponent chooses one of their chapter dice. Hawkeye deals 3 damage to that character die, if it isn't KO'd you take 2 damage. So my question is when you field this character and your opponent does not have any dice to choose from do you still take 2 damage since you were not able to KO anything? According to what I have read in the rules his ability still triggers because he is fielded but how would it have an effect if there is nothing to target? I played in an event recently where when he was fielded if there was nothing to KO you would still take the 2 damage. Was this played correctly? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I believe WizKids has said before to do as much of the ability as possible. So in this cause when you field Hawkeye your opponent would need to choose one of his character dice. Since he doesn't have any character dice to choose from, the effect would stop at that point.

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