Bring 8 sidekick dice, 3 basic action dice of at least 2 colors, preferably 4 colors (in case your opponent is using the same colors), and your basic action cards - you'll be choosing your two basic actions after the draft, and they may come from any set.

Each player will purchase 30 booster packs of Dungeons and Dragons (6 boosters go into the prize pool, with last place getting at least 3 in their prize pool - this is a "Double Decker" event, after all.

The other 24 booster packs will be divided into 4 groups of 6 booster packs, with each player opening 6 packs at a time, putting them into stacks of 12 cards, arranging the dice in the middle of the table as the packs are being opened/before the full draft begins.

Each player then sets aside 3 packs stacks, picking up one stack, choosing a card, and passing left, until that stack runs out, placing cards in a separate stack from the other 3, to avoid confusion.

Next, players will choose a second stack, and pass to the right, putting the chosen cards again into the stack of drafted cards.

The third stack will then be passed right again, and the fourth stack will be passed left, with drafted cards all going into the original ONE stack of drafted cards.

Each player will end up with 48 cards/dice upon which they may then build their team. Teams will be standard tournament style, 8 character/action/equipment cards with 20 dice, and two basic actions, which may be chosen after the draft.

This is the Dungeons and Dragons event we've been talking about for months!

With a prize pool that includes every single OP card released (including the Boo & Minsc with die) for the first place player (from Dungeons and Dragons, of course), and a plethora of both participation and prize cards for all other places, this is an event to remember and make sure you don't miss. Every month of OP cards is represented in these prize packs, so even eighth place will receive three+ participation prize cards, plus some placement prize cards as well.

Remember to stick around afterwards, as everyone opens the rest of their prize packs, because we should be able to get some awesome Dungeons and Dragons trading going on between everyone!