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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Broad Strokes Episode 5 Listening

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    I like to say things like "NOOOOOooooooo" every time I get handed a pack.

    Followed by a "...I mean, woo hoo..."

    I'd recommend that as well.

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    You would hate me, @Shadowmeld .

    I don't banter. It's not a deliberate choice not to. And it's not because I'm "taking it too seriously". I just don't do banter.

    But I listen. And I see. And I take in all those little clues all you neurotypicals give out freely all the time.

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    Arent DM Drafts always more noisier than other games? MTG is so silent, it felt for me like sitting in a library and reading a book... .
    in Yugioh they say, every card has its soul, so i guess in DM every card has his joy/sad - sound of the players for it... ^^

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    I'll just pretend I'm drafting the wrong set.

    "Who's taking all the Kobolds?"

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