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Thread: Odd JL pack

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    Odd JL pack

    Opened a Justice League pack today: 1 Katana die, 1 common Katana card; 1 Deadman die, 0 Deadman card. It really was "odd," with only 3 items in it.

    Anyone else have this happen?

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    Back in AVX I opened a pack with a Rogue die with no Rogue card (pack only had 1 card in it). I also had a pack with 2 Doctor Octopus dice but the cards were Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin.

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    I've seen a pack justice league, with 3 dice and none of them matched the cards. Although it's really only an issue with YGO as you have to have a matching die with the correct number. Getting dice is pretty easy as the commons for each card are so, well, common.

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    yeah. In the second set I got a Spidey die and cap die but only a cap card.

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