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    Yes. Just because you pay to end one "can't" effect, doesn't mean you paid to end the other.

    That combo is pretty expensive though, so good luck.

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    Curious...would these two cards also be counters to Shield Agent Rare?

    Sheild Agent says "Reroll Avenger and Shield Agent Die during your Roll and Reroll step"...Prof X says your opponent can't "Reroll during thier roll and reroll step"...seems like that would make sense to me.

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    Yes, it is a counter. It makes it so there's no rerolls without paying life. Shuts down SR Scarlet Witch and the like as well. I'd like to try running Professor X and Kang along with Scarlet Witch to give me extra rerolls and my opponent none (for free, anyway), but unless someone else brings PXG it might just be too expensive, like Shadowmeld said. I might have to resort back to Beast #666 and Mr. Fantastic. At least it would supply me with lots of masks.

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    Yes...a bit expensive I'd say. While you are setting up this optimal Roll&Reroll scenario, your opponent is buying characters that help him win the game.

    I'm just curious about the Sheild agent counter stuff. I believe the reroll that Prof X and Kang were designed to prevent is the second roll of all your initially rolled drawn and prepped dice each turn, so that you only have 1 chance to get the characters/energy you want.

    However...since both Prof X and Kang clearly say that they prevent Rerolls during the Roll and Reroll step...I believe they would effecrively nullify Sheild Agent all together, unless your opponent wants to pay 2 life, which they may still do from time to time.

    Perhaps Kang is a conditional include on any constructed Avengers team, just in case you see that Sheild Agent pop up across the table from you.

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