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Thread: Unlimited Contructed @ Kessel Run Games, 2015-09-04

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    Unlimited Contructed @ Kessel Run Games, 2015-09-04

    Here are the results to our bi-weekly constructed event at our LGS last Friday.

    1st Place (4-0): Villain Retaliation

    Player: E (will add TRP userids once I find them)

    Basic Actions:
    :julop9: (The Outsider)

    My brother took the win for the night with this solid villain retaliation team featuring no PXG and OP Promo BAC The Outsider. I played him in our second round with the X-MEN team below. This game made me appreciate the potential of The Ousider in an all villain team. Nice rolls and ramp using my professor X let him purchase a reduced cost Joker after fielding Harley and field it immediately with The Outsider shutting down my early Storm purchase. Using Phoenix's taunt global to remove Joker was completely impossible due to the Distraction global. Let me say, it was all downhill from there for me.

    2nd Place (3-1): Melissa Turner's X-MEN

    Player: Judgemental

    Basic Actions:

    I've been meaning to try this team since I first saw it on a DM world's article here on TRP. I finally got my hands on the Kitty I was missing and gave it a whirl this week. I think all I can say is that this is one powerful OP promo card. Very often, it will be your kill condition. I did manage to sneak in a few wins in testing and at the store with iceman fielded as well. My biggest fear while testing this team was facing the dragons team listed below with its use of Prismatic Spray. I found that choosing your buys in order to make the most efficient use of the PXG to be an important part of winning with this team.

    3rd Place (3-1): Dragons

    Player: AJEddy

    Basic Actions:

    (AoU Coordinated Strike)

    This team has been around for a few weeks at our LGS and has been doing really well. It makes use of DND staples like the Kobolds to ramp, Red Dragon global to reduce action costs and common Prismatic Spray to shutdown your opponents ramp. Dragons were efficiently used to clear the field with their Breathweapon abilities and go in for the kill. I got to finally play against it myself this week with the X-MEN team and I feel I got a little bit lucky since my opponent had very bad rolls in the early game and Prismatic Spray did not come into effect.I got an Iceman out fairly quick to finish it off. I took the win in our game, but dragons and spray did really well again all around!

    Big thanks to the everyone who showed up, it was a blast as always.
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    Our other players' teams in no particular order:

    Gamora – Assasin
    Rocket Racoon – "Blam Murdered you"
    StarHawk – Precognitive
    Star-Lord – Element Gun
    Groot – We Are Groot
    Loki – Loki Laufesson
    Doomcaliber Knight – Fiedish fighet
    Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants
    Hulk Out

    Cheetah – Cursed Archeologist
    Black Manta – Deep Sea Serviant
    The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime
    Harley Quinn – Dr Harley Quinzel
    Blue-Beetle – Jaime Reyes
    Iron-Man – Tinhead
    Deathstroke – Weapon Master
    Professor X – Trainer
    The Outsider

    Pyro – Saint John Alterdyce
    Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff
    Jinzo - Mechanical Master
    Black Manta – Deep Sea Serviant
    Sinestro – Instills Fear
    Cheetah – Cursed Archeologist
    Mister Sinister – Nasty Boy
    Blue Beetle – Jaime Reyes
    Power Bolt

    Kitty Pryde – Ariel
    Ant Man – Pym Particles
    Angel – Lightning
    Iron Man – Invincible
    Iceman – Too Cool for Words
    Cerebro – Cybernetic Intelligence
    Toad - Tongue Lashing
    Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants

    Green Lantern – Willpower
    Wolverine – The Best There Is
    Storm – Goddess of the Plains
    Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants
    Green Goblin – Goblin Lord
    Ant Man – Biophysicist
    Beast – Genetic Expert
    Giant Man – Dr Henry Pym
    Fist of Fury

    Hawkeye – Trick Shot
    Odin – The All Father
    Constantine – Con Artist
    Iron Man – Tinhead
    Pepper Potts – Personal Secretary of Tony Stark
    Gamora – Deadliest Woman In The Universe
    Wasp – Bio-Electric Blasts
    Thor -Goddess of Thunder
    Nasty Plot
    Hulk Out

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