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Thread: I just noticed something about the Rainbow Draft Alt-Arts

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    I just noticed something about the Rainbow Draft Alt-Arts

    Avengers vs. X-Men Setup Box promo:

    Now when I saw the Marvel prize cards, I naturally assumed that the Storm was the same one. But look again at the sub-title:

    16 Iron Fist dice
    16 Iron Fist full art cards
    16 Iron Fist no-art cards (blanks)
    5 Storm: Wind-Rider
    2 Namor: Atlantean
    1 Cable: Time Traveler

    Two different cards using the same alternate art...

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    It annoyed me a fair bit I admit, my collection will look pretty weird thanks to it.

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    Most likely a way to get alt-art Storm for people that missed the original Set-Up box.

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    Also, Wind Rider has become more popular than African Priestess, so perhaps they are Alt Arting in response?

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    Cable is different too. Granted, the art is different too.

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    Cable is different art and a different card. Storm is the same art but a different card. That's what I thought was weird.

    Also there are at least 3 different artwork cards for the new Raven card from WoL :-P

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    It's a shame that I won't be able to make any of the events nearby.

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