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Thread: Sit &Spin(thoughts?)

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    Sit &Spin(thoughts?)

    This is a refined team of some of my favorite effects in the game.
    4x Pepper Potts - CEO of Stark Industries
    3x Wonder Woman - Trinity War
    3x Zatanna - Zatanna Zatara
    2x Captain America - The First Avenger
    3x Storm - Wind-Rider
    2x Jinzo - Trap Destroyer
    2x Colossus - Piotr Rasputin
    1x Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon
    Let me know what you all think.

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    Instead of Captain America why not use Since you are using pepper potts and Ko'ing her. You have wonder woman to spin your characters up.

    And instead of Jinzo just use Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wasp-Founding-Avenger.jpg 
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ID:	2988 You already have a level 7 to buy for your Win condition.

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    I like that you brought up vibe. I've been working on a more aggressive spinning based team. It started with pepper potts, vibe, tsarina and umber hulk (paragon). Jinzo is there to give my opponent less options to remove my characters from the field who want to just sit there, or slows their ramp to allow me the one or two turns I need for lethal. Captain America is another staller to get me turns and makes himself into a level 3. Lots of direct damage in this game and he helps more than his face value shows.
    Please do argue further. These are examples of why these cards have been useful in games. Spinning characters up and/or down is by far my favorite part of this game and I'm happy to bounces ideas back and forth

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    There's also Green Dragon

    With Jinzo being a 6 cost, he's not your win condition. Not many players will burn themselves to death. With Baby Jinzo (Wasp) she is a solid 3 cost with Colossus on the field is a for sure a win condition. Just sitting there and waiting while being killed slowly. Vibe is an alternate win condition with pepper potts spinning down characters and doing damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    Instead of Captain America why not use Since you are using pepper potts and Ko'ing her. You have wonder woman to spin your characters up.
    Also throw in Black Widow: Natasha to combo with Vibe and Wonder Woman. Black Widow is the proactive while Pepper is the defensive. BW forces your opponent into a Catch-22 because they either have to let her through or spin down somebody to block her where they then take 2 damage from Vibe and in most cases she'll get KO'd allowing you to level up a character with WW. So all you have to do is just keep sending in BW every turn.

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    I've definitely been trying to figure out a good shell around Pepper Potts, Natasha or Tsarina and Vibe. I will absolutely try it with Tsarina instead of Zatanna, Vibe instead of Cap, Green Dragon for Jinzo

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    Stick to your win conditions. Colossus 1, vibe being 2. Instead of Jinzo, go for Baby Jinzo. That will slow down your opponent a good amount. She can just sit on the field and be nuisance. If you plan a spin down team, go with the avx rare of black widow. Pepper Potts is an alternative. Along with Vibe and Green Dragon. If its a spin up team and just slowly killing your opponent, go with Colossus.

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    Absolutely and these have been considered. Just put on the back burner. I actually used to play Marvel Girl-Humanity but found that captain played the defensive gain life role faster and cheaper.

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    Green Dragon has breath weapon meaning causes 2 damage on the characters AND the opponents life AND spins down characters. It's a bit more damaging.
    Also, with Beast you need someone to attack you. Not always likely when it sometimes the opposing team doesnt need to attack but burn life. Being the aggressor most of the time is better over defense.
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    With Trinity War Wonder Woman, I also like to use rare DCK and Mystique Shapeshifter, but those are more control characters than agro.

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