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Thread: Why is The Reserve Pool exclusive? Let's open it up to the world.

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    Why is The Reserve Pool exclusive? Let's open it up to the world.

    I love this site and the podcast and can only think more people who play would as well.

    I had posted a while ago about The Reserve Pool not coming up under any searches for "dice masters" in iTunes and didn't hear anything back from the mods. It's like if you don't know about it you won't find it.

    @RJRETRO @Dave @Randy @Jthomash2 @Ken @Shadowmeld would you be able to update this (the show description in iTunes) so more people can find the podcast and we can grow the community?

    From the original post:

    "When I search for "Dice Masters" on iTunes, I noticed that TRP is not listed under the podcasts. I see Dice Anon on there as the number # 1 match for podcasts, any idea why The Reserve Poll is not listed? The more we can spread the word to more people the more players we will have (okay that's enough more, MOAR!).

    Is this because Dice Anon is listed as "DiceAnon Dice Masters Podcast" while TRP is simply "The Reserve Pool Podcast"? If so would it make sense to update this so we can help other people find the show and site and ergo we grow the community further?"

    Thank you and keep up the great work fellas .

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    iTunes pulls everything from the feed.

    I've added Dice Masters to the description, the feed title, and the subtitle. I did this months ago.

    I have no idea why they're not picking it up.

    I've submitted a ticket with iTunes.

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    And apparently they listened! TRP and TPA now show up.

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    EDIT: see below...
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    Just did the search myself and I see it now as well, also I noticed that the last episode's "popularity" bar was more than double the prior episodes so people are finding the show.
    What kind of numbers do you have? Rather how many of us dice-heads are downloading the 'cast?

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