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Thread: W: rainbow draft weekend cards

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    W: rainbow draft weekend cards

    Long story short, because of family obligations I am probably going to miss the rainbow draft weekend at my local scene. So I am throwing this out there now,I would really like to get the cards being given out in trade if possible. I have numerous OP cards up for trade, a few extras of SRs and other assorted rares.

    If you think you will end up with traceable copies, please let me know. Thanks!

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    OK, I'll at least have a couple of the participation cards as both my son and I are planning to play that weekend. I'll hit you up after the weekend.

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    So, I have the Batman and Iron Fist cards, the Storm and the Namor.

    I have an extra Storm I would like to trade away for Robin or Aquaman!

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    Also looking for a rare lantern ring

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