So! Built a team that did OK at my LGS constructed. Games were close, but when I missed it was big!

Here's the list

Kobold: Greater Humanoid 4
Orc: Greater Humanoid 4
Troll: Lesser Humanoid 3
Minotaur: Lesser Humanoid 2
Purple Worm: Greater Beast 2
Dracolich: paragon Undead Dragon 2
Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants 1
Batarang: Tool of the Bat 2

Worked out as long as I rolled fists! First couple turns were buying as many Kobolds and Orcs as possible. The sooner they were on the field the better. Use PXG whenever possible to draw my swarm die for max value. After that it depended on what was up.
Troll was a great mid-game blocker as its tough to kill. Minotaur helped get rid of the weenie wall and Batarang was saved for point removal. The real star was Purple Worm. Just keep attacking with it and KO your opponent's key dudes.

I used Ambush and Villianous Pact as the basics.

Limited basic selection unfortunately.

So? Where do I tweak? I lost a close one to Human Paladin cuz I had to keep ditching my Kobolds. Totally forgot about the batarang too... Next game got Hulk/Patch smacked for 16 and died to Wasp global and Hulk's deal 3.

Suggestions would be welcome!

Thx y'all!