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Thread: bolt/masks

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    Why manticore when you have Johnny Storm? I understand that it can knock out side kicks but with Johnny it does the same.
    That Cerebro.......why that one?
    What's your spot removal?

    I say switch out Manticore for the common Cheetah. That's a good start. Works with both Field Leader and Firestorm.

    Competitive? Not really. Fun? That's up to you. Play test it and see if it works. In my eyes (competitive wise) It'll be slow. You dont have many characters that are low cost bolts/low fielding cost bolts.
    Green Goblin works with Firestorm and Field leader. It'll speed up your team.

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    it has potential

    if you have it swap 3*manticore - greater beast
    3 X

    (Side note you can see how I did that - here)

    But with out having an idea on how you are going to play your team, it is a little hard me to suggest any more then that - unless I do it based on how I would play it

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    Go with Millennium Puzzle. Same 5 cost as Cerebro. It also just sits on the field. Although that Storm Global will work against you now that I look at it.

    As for Green Goblin and Tsarina, they are the classic cards. Everyone ran it before the Justice League expansion.

    I'm quite confused as to what you're going for. You're running Thanos - Mad Titan but also working with Distraction which works against him.

    Reconsider on your team. It will really work out with your bolt team. It helps with your distraction global. If you want her alive on the field you can just attack and pull back. Field leader will proc it for one more ping.

    As for a basic actions, distraction is good but it works against your invulnerability if you cant get your characters through. Id go with resurrection because the lack of your ramp. This guy might help you out with your johnny storm
    0 fielding cost, ramp and churn.

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    i say use morphing jar canopic jar instead of weather witch. I run a fun Johnny Storm field leader combo and i usually do really well with it.

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    I think Storm and Manticore are mistakes. Manticore's purpose is already mostly served by Human Torch and Storm just doesn't fit what you're trying to do exceptionally well.

    I strongly recommend Pepper Potts: Personal Secretary of Tony Stark. Two cost ; Pepper Potts can't attack. While Pepper Potts is active, all of your blocking character dice get +2D until end of turn. I would also fit in the aforementioned Cheetah, which works incredibly well with Cyclops and Firestorm. Mr Fantastic: Brilliant Scientist lets you turn a mask into 2-3 pulls if you have multiple Beasts out. I'm not sure if I love Cerebro on this team, but I haven't played with it enough to feel significantly either way.

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