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Thread: Team Action! Roll!

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    Team Action! Roll!

    Hi there!

    I want to share with you the idea of a team I came up with around Dracolich- Paragon Undead Dragon. The winning condition is simply rolling the most action dice I can. But testing it (mostly against myself ^^U)I found that the team doesn´t work as espected, especially cause the lack of some aggro in the early stages of the game, I think.

    These are the cards:

    Dracolich- Paragon Undead Dragon(7) : the big guy in the team. Love his active effect, "my opponent can dmage himself just by roll dice? Cool!" Of course the main rolling job is mine.
    Elf Wizard- Greater Order of the Gaunlet (3):Buy action for 1 less and what is more important to move action dice from the used to de prep when blocking.
    Lex Luthor- Former President (4): to help me rollin again the action dice twice in the same turn.
    Half-Dragon- PAragon Humanoid(5): Dracolich is a big guy so here is my friend to help me buy him. Also buying action cheaper.
    Professor X: Nothing to say about it. Just ramp.
    Millenium Puzzle- The Eternal Dungeon

    And here comes the struggle:

    Green Lantern- Hal Jordan (5): when send to attack you deal 2 damage to de defending player if used an action die.
    Hawkeye- Longbow (4): Just need some atacker. Not sure about him...

    Actions: Power Bolt, Gearing up. Not sure about them either.

    So, any thoughts? I played against really quick teams and I found myself with half life before I can even buy Dracolich (or enough actions to make it works)I think I need some early front line to hang in there till my set up is done or a second winning condition... I´m looking forward that Batman from WAr of Light, he would be the perfect front line pairing with Robin. A good second winning condition I think.

    Thank you all!

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    Better off with Red Dragon for those action dice. Discount on action dice and you ping the opponent

    Instead of Lex Luthor go for Baron Zemo - Thunderbolt. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3031 Kobold energy helps here. Lex is a 50/50 roll. Zemo is a for sure on prep. He's dirty with Millennium Puzzle

    If you're action heavy you can go with Doctor Strange

    As for that extra ramp go with the kobolds . Provides the churn, ramp and energy for both your breath weapon on Dracolich and to buy your action dice.

    That half Dragon should be used for a team of Dragons. Go with Blue Dragon . Breath Weapon plus you force them not able to block with a certain character. Can swing for lethal if you use that breath weapon.

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