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    Analysis Help

    We have an upcoming event where each team must be made entirely of cards from the same set except one character that must be from another set. I've created two teams and I'm not sure which is better or how to possibly tweek then to improve them.

    1st team- Vile Villains
    4x Blue Beetle-Jaime Reyes
    1x Professor X- Recruiting Young Mutants
    2x Black Manta-Deep Sea Deviant
    4x Cheetah-Cursed Archaeologist
    2x Harley Quinn-Dr. Harleen Quinzel
    2x The Joker-Clown Prince of Crime
    2x Captain Cold- Master of Absolute Zero
    3x Katanna-Outsider
    BAC-Villainous Pact

    2nd team- Xcilence of Xicution
    3x Wolverine-Formerly Weapon Ten
    1x Colossus- Piotr Rasputin
    3x Storm-Wind-Rider
    3x Human Torch-Johnny Storm
    3x Gambit- Ace in the Hole
    3x Beast- Mutate #666
    3x Spiderman-Webslinger
    1x Kang- Time-ship
    BAC-Power Bolt
    BAC-Thrown Car

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    Are both teams so bad that nobody wants to remark, or did I do something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwetzel View Post
    Are both teams so bad that nobody wants to remark, or did I do something wrong?
    It's easier if you post the images

    Also I'm at work.

    And a lot of my threads rarely get replies when I post up a team. Like the villainous Smackdown. So you aren't alone either

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    i have ran both of those teams for a while, johnny storm is my favorite character because he just can deal so much, manta is another good one, maybe lantern power ring or pandoras box or even tinhead for the villian team, and if you have blue eyes make sidekicks villians then ping them out and add up the damage! good teams!

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    For the second team, I would absolutely swap out Kang for Kobold: Greater Humanoid and find somewhere to put Mr. Fantastic in. Kobold helps you ramp with incredible ease and also gives you bodies to help Colossus and Human Torch. Mr. Fantastic lets you churn through masks once you have two Beasts out to double-block someone with. I also think you should change Storm to African Priestess; you have enough high cost cards as it is. Not having Jade Giant or Green Goliath in a deck that has Johnny Storm seems a bit silly, too. I'd ditch Spidey or Wolverine for him.

    All that said, I feel like with those changes, your AvX team would be the better one. Villains seems like it would be incredibly fun to play, though.

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    Made a few of the changes you guys suggested. Couldn't make some because I don't have the cards. Here are the new teams.
    Xcillence in Xicution
    Trinity Wars Wonder Woman
    Vile Villains
    Trinity War the Outsider and Pandora's Box

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    Still not sure which team I want to play. I like them both. :-)

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    Went with Xcillence in Xicution team and went 3-0 (1 was a bye). The other two went to "overtime". ��

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    well done!! I only recently made a team working around Colossus and that was definitely the more powerful strategy at hand. AvX still has the most cards that at great all on their own.

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