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Thread: Denton, TX Batman Day Dice Masters

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    Denton, TX Batman Day Dice Masters

    Saturday, September 26th is Batman Day. To celebrate, we're having a Dice Masters demo day at noon, followed by a draft at 2pm. Assuming the product comes in on time, we will be drafting the new War of Light set. This is going to be a New Guy Day event: If you've never played Dice Masters at our shop before, you draft for $6. If you're an existing player, and you bring a new guy, you both pay the new guy price. So find a friend and draft for half the cost of the boosters you'll be opening! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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    So I was slightly off in my information. The draft is $10 to begin with. New players get $2 off. Existing players get $2 off for every new player they bring. We are also doing one pack per match win. So can't find anyone to bring? Your draft is still discounted. Bring some friends? Your draft is super cheap. Hope to see you this Saturday.

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