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    Question Card Pictures in posts

    How do I insert card pictures into posts? I thought it had something to do with putting the set name and card number in colons (like ), but I haven't been able to get that to work for me. I searched the forums but I must not have been looking for the right thing. Thanks in advance.

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    That is how it's done. Some of our sets aren't uploaded yet (AoU and WoL) and on top of that, I just edited your post to allow a space to either side your colons, and a card that is actually within the bounds of the set (no avx138). I'll see if @Ken can move along the AoU and WoL cards though.

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    @Ken ?

    wol139 =

    Chase cards:

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    Yep, those are the 5 cards Ken didn't get in his collection. Lucky .... webmaster.

    On a side note Ken, could we at least get the Aquaman scan from our spoiler article and use that guy?

    The chase images are probably not worth "chasing" down as even if we get them the text will be too difficult to read at colon code resolutions, but we can definitely snag that Web Res BLAquaman

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    @Loran is going to hook me up with a scan of the missing BL Aquaman as well as one of the chase cards.

    As I get the holes in my collection filled, I'll put in scans done in the same fashion as our others. Alternately, if someone has cards I'm missing and is willing to mail them to me, I'd love that. I would scan and send them back right away.
    @pk2317 --good reminder. Yes, I do have the alt-art Raven. I'll get that scanned.

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    Avengers Dissassembled OP
    Ant-Man OP (alt art Ant-Man and Wasp)
    Rainbow Draft alt-arts (and exclusives)
    Teen Titans GO OP - this is the first time a card has two different alt arts - wol64a and wol64b? Or wol64a2?

    Thanks so much for all you do - I have a scanner and can scan in if you let me know exactly what you need (not that I have all these cards, but I have a few of the rainbow draft ones and all the Dissassembled).

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