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Thread: What is everyone drafting for the RDW?

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    What is everyone drafting for the RDW?

    Just curious what sets people are planning on drafting for the Rainbow Draft Weekend? Our store was planning on doing AoU and JL, but WoL might be out this week and we were considering using that. What's everyone else planning?

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    I think most people around here want the new set, even though it's not technically allowed.

    I'd love a D&D draft, but that would take far too long for the expected turnout. JL is really good in-set as well. That being said, and I cannot believe I'm actually saying this, but I'd prefer to go with YuGiOh simply because of the strength of the cards (not to mention the possibility of a rare BEWD/Jizo) and the fact that no many people have bought into it so I feel I'd have a slight advantage at this point as I have and use quite a bit of it in my regular teams.

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    We are doing JL and AoU as well. I wanted to have one more UXM draft... but, c'est la vie.

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    D&D, and possibly a superhero set depending on numbers.

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    My store wants to draft AoU and WoL, but our owner needed to purchase product. I'm trying to convince him to pick up 4 cases of YuGiOh if he can. We haven't had YuGiOh in the store before and I think that there could be room to move that.

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    I believe we will be drafting JL for the Rainbow Draft Weekend

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    I usually go with goblins and bolts for RDW...
    oops, sorry, wrong game...

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    War of Light, at the store I'm going to.

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    We'll most likely be drafting War of Light, assuming that the shipment comes in on time!

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