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Thread: Sidekick Buff

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    Sidekick Buff

    Trying to figure out if this is viable and if it is legal to do this team.

    Blue Beetle Magically Infused
    Captain America Natural Leader
    Falcon Recon
    Green Goblin Goblin Lord
    Harley Quinn Psychopathic Psychiatrist
    Phil Coulson Inspirational Leader
    Shield Agent Level 6 Access
    Stargirl Courtney Whitmore

    The idea is to get out the buffs for the sidekick's out quickly plus a lot of sidekicks. Not sure what actions to run, don't have the uncanny, yu-gi-oh, dnd, or DC starters and not sure when I'll be able to get them at the moment. Still looking for ideas on making it good or if this idea is legal with all the buffs for sidekicks.

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    It's legal, but can be difficult to get all those buffers out. You might want to look into getting the UXM Starter for this:

    Here are some other cards you might look for:

    (along with)

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    Hey Icewolf. Myself creating a Little Cup(Common and Starters only) team a little while now and i suggest you Spiderman or Wonder Woman(if Falcon is not what you want) from WoL(roll 3 or more shields for unblockable Sidekicks) as a Win condition.

    Also Invulnurability is a cool BAC for such teams to just attack and get your SDKs back.
    But my favorite BAC is Transfer Power or Mystic Box for the global to switch. Your team has already so much possible shields and when you Switch, the Buff stays with you and your enemy just gets the 1 Attack of your sidekicks.

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