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Thread: Pictures of some upcoming product

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    Pictures of some upcoming product

    A friended pointed me to this from one of the semi-local shops.

    Nice pictures of some upcoming spider-man and TMNT product.

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    man i think TMNT will be the first set where i will buy the collectors box too. The Tinbox looks neat!

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    TMNT, tin says 92 custom dice. 92 - 16 (sidekicks) - 12 (BAD) = 64/4 = 16. 16 characters seems reasonable.

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    Well what i would like to know is if its Comic Turtles or the new ones. Well i counted and the moste famouse characters counts up to 12 somewhere around it.

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    Where's the TMNT Team Box - I hope they just didn't want to spoil the cards.

    On a side note, What is this?

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    They're all wearing red = comic turtles. Art isn't old comics, so it's new comics which I know almost nothing about. Probably not the biggest help. I do know Rocksteady and Beebop are in the new comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgwanaRob View Post
    Where's the TMNT Team Box - I hope they just didn't want to spoil the cards.

    On a side note, What is this?

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    16 characters: 4 Turtles, Splinter, April, Casey, Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady. That leaves 5 more. Metalhead, Baxter, Slash, Rat King, Foot Soldier?

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    Dont forget Action Cards! Pizza and the Channel-6 Helicopter, Ouze and Krangs Base.

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    My guess looks like this

    Casey Jones
    April O'Neil
    Foot Soldier
    Rat King
    Turtle Van (action)

    Which is disappointing because it leaves out the purple dragon, Kitsune, Agent Bishop, and most of the other mutants like Alopex, Bludgeon, Ace Duck, Bloodsucker, the punk frogs, Renet, and Tattoo, also leaves out all of the crossover characters like Flaming Carrot and Miyomoto Usagi. Hopefully we'll get another Ninja Turtles set.

    Edit: Actually, the paper stand clearly says "Nickelodean" on it. I think the character choices might be based on the Nick series as opposed to the comics despite the art. In that case, Rat King is less important and we might get Rahzar instead. Maybe there won't be a non-basic action, Metalhead or Rahzar would fit there too. Kraang isn't a person but the race would likely still be represented likely by Kraang Prime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The tin is nice, but I need to have the collector box that matches the other boxes I already have

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    I don't care how good or bad Casey Jones is, he's going to be on every team I make
    That was my thought with Cable and Juggernaut....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    That was my thought with Cable and Juggernaut....
    And how did that turn out?

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    @Scum Nick just owns the rights to tmnt, all the advertising for the new tmnt stuff has featured turtles from every era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnofist View Post
    @Scum Nick just owns the rights to tmnt, all the advertising for the new tmnt stuff has featured turtles from every era.
    I'm staying optimistic. The only way this would really get screwed up is if they used screen-caps from the 3d CGI TV show. The best would be the late 80s/early 90s cartoon screencaps, or even better, new drawings from the same artists, but in that style, maybe combined with the all red / the new IDW characters/style.

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    The 2003 versions would be fine too
    Might be the best when it comes to the TV version. Most popular back then

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    Well whatever version it is, i saw latest episode of the TMNT with a signature on a special place "Venkman was here" , was laughing and thinking, man we need Ghostbusters.... and the turtles together

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    Doing more math on the tin. Again assuming 16 sidekicks an 12 action dice, 64 does not divide evenly by 3. If it only comes with enough for 1 player, that would make 72 dice for characters/non-basic actions, which divided by 4 = 18, but also divides by 3, which would allow for 24. I still think it's 16 things with enough for 2 players though, based on the way it's marketed. The box still says 92 dice, but also says "Dice Building Game" which implies it's all you need for a complete game in one box.

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    Why do you need to divide by three?

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    In case it caps out at max 3 instead of max 4, which is possible. I doubt it'd cap out at max 2.

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    Ah, I see. Well, there is another possibility. At a recent presentation WizKids stated that the game will come with rules for 4 player play. So perhaps there will be 32 SK dice, not 16. That would leave us with 48 character/non-basic action dice. And, 48 does divide by both 4 and 3...

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    Actually, Currently in the game is a 4 Player variation called Doubles. The format would fit great for a Turtles inclusion, as most of the Turtles fights are better when they work together, instead of alone. All of my Quarriors sets come with 4 dice per character, and some things like Assistants, Quiddity, Corruption, Spells (Portal), all come with 5 or more.

    My bet is the character count is 16, Quarriors had 10 Characters, 5 Spells, 3 Basic Cards for 18 "Individual cards", which would put the game into "Quarriros Sized"

    As they have already announced that the game will contain "over 12 Heroes", the idea of them including enough sidekick dice for four players, or just 3 dice per character has to be wrong. I would see that they would include the doubles rules with the caveat of "with two sets".

    So some questions arise in my mind:
    1) Will all of the characters have 3 versions, or will there be just 2 or 4 (No information leaked that there is a change to the base numbers)
    2) Will we get a full 10 Action Cards? (Again no leaked information)

    Some more speculation:
    14 Characters -> 1)Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Splinter, April O'Neil, Shredder, Foot Clan Soldier (These have all been leaked) 2)Casey Jones, Rocksteady, Bebop, Kraang (all of these likely) 3) Leather Head, Mondo Grecko, Metal Head, Slash, Ratking, Baxter Stockman (take your pick, we are out of character slots)
    2 Action Cards -> Action News 6 Van, Pizza Slice (I mean it has to be in there, with like a +1A / +1D bonus)
    10 BACs -> Cowabunga (Again, almost has to be in there), Ninjitsu, Some sort of Stealth, Escape to the Sewers / From the Sewers, Teamwork, Some sort of "prime weapon upgrade" (again, the possibilities are limited only by my ability to watch toons)

    That would give us 92 Dice, 62 Cards - 48 Character Cards, 10 BAC Cards, 4 Color Indication Cards, 16 Sidekick Dice, 12 BAC Dice, 56 Character Dice (14), 8 Non-Basic Action Dice (2)

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    One Note, the Team Box for TMNT will also include the 4 Turtles and Splinter with dice, no mention of sidekick dice in the box. This is the first occurrence of a Team box, which has been released with UxM, DC JuL, WoL, that comes with Dice in it, or other cards. If we add this to the Box or Tin version, there might be more than enough to play doubles in it.

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