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Thread: Dracolich - Paragon Undead Dragon

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    Dracolich - Paragon Undead Dragon

    I'm reading this card because I created a team on it. I need to make sure I'm getting its ruling. I was thinking over how this effect occurs while at work forming the team. I'm most likely wrong but what I interpret is (step by step) I roll an action. I get the character face, I deal 1 damage. Another instance, I roll the action and get energy and leave it as energy, I do 1 damage.(most likely completely wrong)

    Completely confused because of this ruling with Manticore - Paragon beast

    "With Manticore Paragon Beast, if you roll a non double bolt, and then reroll into a double bolt will the 2 damage still apply? Or do you need to roll the double bolt on the 1st roll of the dice?"

    The DM's response "In this case, whenever you roll the double Bolt satisfies the Manticore's effect."

    In this case what? "if you roll a non double bolt" meaning one bolt or a character face? I thought it was roll a double bolt the first time to activate the damage.

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