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Thread: New question, Chase?

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    New question, Chase?

    Chase cards? Seen this phrase tossed around before but don't really know what it means. Obviously even rarer than Super Rare but that's about my gather on it.

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    Yes, Chase cards are rarer than Super-Rare.

    With Dice Masters, what they've done in Age of Ultron (and now War of Light) is made a total of 8 Super-Rare cards. In a sealed Gravity Feed, you can expect to get either 1 or 2 Super-Rares. 4 of the Super-Rares are "normal", a 3rd version of a character from the set. The other 4 are "unique" Super-Rares, that only exist within the set as that one card (in AoU they were the Zombies, in WoL they are the Black Lanterns). These cards all have a max of 1 die, which it comes with, and they only exist as Super-Rares.

    Within that category of Super-Rare are the "Chase Rares". If you happen to get a Zombie/Black Lantern, you have a 1/7 chance of it being a full-art variant. These full-art variants have a Purple rarity stripe instead of the Super-Rare red stripe. Mechanically they are exactly the same as the "normal" Zombies/BLs, but they add something else for collectors to "chase" after.

    If you look at the full, uncut sheets that were given out to winners of various Wizkids tournaments, you can see that distribution. Using AoU as the example, on one sheet there are 7 Captain Universes, 7 Groots, 7 Jocastas, 7 Thanoses (Thanosi?), 6 Zombie Magnetos, 6 Zombie Gladiators, 6 Zombie Red Skulls, 6 Zombie Electros, 1 Chase Zombie Magneto, 1 Chase Zombie Gladiator, 1 Chase Zombie Red Skull, and 1 Chase Zombie Electro. So you only have a 4/56 (1/14) chance of getting a Chase Rare, and only 1/56 if you're looking for a specific Chase.

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