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Thread: Quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself!

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    Quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself!

    Also - Spider Woman - Pheromones and Wonder Man - Movie Star (They aren't in the index yet.)

    BAC - Vicious Struggle/???

    Vicious Struggle and Toad are the key players.

    I have no idea if this will work, but the idea amuses me so I am trying to work something up. The basic premise is to force my opponent to attack with Toad, use Vicious Struggle to make him hit himself in the face, gain some life at the same time, and then run in on my turn and finish it off. I have Wonder Man, since I will have some control over my life, I can make use of him being unblockable. I am not sure about the second basic action, but I was thinking of something simple like blessing, or maybe casualties for some extra life gain.

    Itís not competitive, but it might be entertaining.

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    This is definitely a place for the common Human Paladin, protecting your beasts and toad from globals like magic missile will be very important in ensuring that you can survive. Consider the new Mera global from WOL to help deal with pesky unblockables, and SR Jocasta from AOU is a fun thing to have your opponent ram into.

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