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Thread: Marvel/DC Equipment

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    Marvel/DC Equipment

    Did Marvel and DC miss the boat with having equipable items? I know you can attach the Vibranium Shield to a character, but it's not the same. Should Mjolnir be equipable gear, and have a prerequisite that it cannot be equipped by a Villain? The Vibranium Shield could give an extra bonus if equipped by an Avenger. Even future sets (if we ever see the Fantastic 4) could have Reed Richard's Ultimate Nulifier or the Silver Surfer's board.

    I REALLY like the equip feature in D&D, and think there are ways that Marvel and DC could have used this ability as well.

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    I think its something that can and should move to the other sets.

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    Imagine an Infinity Gauntlet OP - complete with gems and all.

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    That would be SUPER cool.

    Also - I was thinking today - what would a Howard the Duck card look like? And should one exist?

    I say yes, but ONLY as a promo like Minsc & Boo.

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