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    Given the early spoilers, what do you think will be the big part of DC constructed? Limited?

    I think that retaliation could be huge, though maybe not as huge as it looks like from this point.

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    Depends on what WK is gonna push for local v. national tourneys. People are gonna play however they want in a way, but they'll also play to be competitive, too. I hope Limited.

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    You misunderstand- I mean what will be the meta-shaping element of the set?

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    Oh, yeah. I see what I did there.

    I expect to see the use of gear (as you mentioned elsewhere) expand. I also expect to get a surprise in energy types. Maybe not yet, who knows? But I expect to see a "?" for a character's energy or possibly some other kind of fusion I haven't thought of. As the game is still young I think they'll continue to try new stuff out.

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    We've seen enough of DC to know that those things aren't in there though. I'm more wondering what kind of impact that retaliation will have on the game and whatnot. I'm not looking as big-picture as you are Chris, just at the next set.

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    I dunno, I really don't. Like you said - retaliation could be big.

    Depending on the amount of cards that get overcrush that could be a big deal. Right now there are overcrush effects in the hero sets but I wonder what would happen if several character were running around packing that kind of heat.

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    Yeah we've yet to see overcrush really MATTER. To this point it was tough to align the stars to get things to work with it, but with actions being cheaper and the keyword becoming more common, it could become a viable means of winning.

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    I think the next things to truly affect the meta will be on the control side. We have t3 kill. It's not guaranteed, but it's good. Rather than see this game come down to who fires first, I'd like to think we will see dice manipulation (turn all sidekick to "x" side, return to card, remove from play) or another control element without turning all games into 90 minute marathons of "I'm waiting for the perfect strike, and until then you can't get through my wall of blockers / distraction / what have you." What exactly that might look like is unclear (read: I'd make for a lousy game designer). But the meta is leaning towards aggro. The pendulum is bound to swing the other way. Retaliation might do that (anything that keeps a player from doing something because of the potential effects is, necessarily, control-based, even if it deals direct damage) but Prismatic Spray should have and, from what I've seen, hasn't. Is it going to take an overpowered control element to make this shift? Probably. Is that bad? I don't think so. Because I think we'll see a number of control elements that are not quite enough on their own (but added together can really make a difference) first. Which gives more options for handling multiple aggro threats. And having options is one of the best parts of this game.

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    I think the game IS like that if you play limited. But I see your point.

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    Yeah, one thing that I really noticed that will be a boon to superhero teams are the villain ability is and how they will synergize with things like nasty boy.

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