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Thread: Lots of fun new cards for bolt decks - and 2 new villain 2-drops

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    Could you post a little more detail?

    Like which cards these are, what cards they synergies well with, perhaps strategies for their use.

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    7WoL Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage 2
    Guy Gardner must attack each turn (if able) and gets +1A for each other attacking die.

    8WoL Guy Gardner: Seeing Red 2

    21WoL Lex Luthor: Xenophobe 2

    42WoL Dex-Starr: Dexter of Earth 2

    56WoL Lyssa Drak: Keeper of the Book of Parallax 2
    While Lyssa Drak is active, at the start of your Attack Step, name a character. If at least one of those character dice blocks, you may move two dice from your opponent's Used Pile to their bag.

    58WoL Miri Riam: Beacon in the Dark 2
    When fielded, move a character die from your Used Pile with purchase cost less than or equal to the number of different {Lantern} colors you control to the Field Zone at level 1.

    61WoL Munk: Empath 2
    While Indigo-1 is active, Munk gets +2A and +2D.

    65WoL Saint Walker: Bro'Dee Walker of Astonia 2
    Saint Walker can't attack or block unless a {Green Lantern} is active.

    73WoL Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark 2
    While Wonder Girl is active, when a {Teen Titans} character die is targeted, you may choose an opponent's character die as the new target for that effect.

    79WoL Carol Ferris: Link Between Hearts 2
    Carol Ferris cannot be damaged by {Green Lanterns} or {Blue Lanterns} characters in combat.

    111WoL Carol Ferris: True Love 2
    If Carol Ferris is KO'd, and you have a {Green Lanterns} character in play, return her to the Field Zone at end of turn. (At the same level she was KO'd.)

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