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Thread: Pre-Nationals!

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    - What teams will be prevalent?
    - Will this get them to address the "player 1" issue?
    - Will DC be available for draft?
    - What will be the most exotic yet successful team build that sees the tourney?
    - Will we ever see limited get a share of "main event" status the way that constructed does?
    - Will I ever stop asking questions?

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    When will they start streaming events for publicity?

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    Sadly I'm going to be missing nationals because of financial reasons, but I think there is a really good control team that is going to get overlooked for the most part. I expect a team that abuses Hulk + Slifer + Ice Man's global to lock down the field until its ready to win. Testing tells me it auto-beats High Hopes and Gobby, and has a slightly unfavorable but still decent game against spider-bomb builds.

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    The team that can stabilize after not going first will be the team that has the best chance.

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