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Thread: Beholder-Master Aberration vs Enraged Action

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    Beholder-Master Aberration vs Enraged Action

    I'm curious as to how others would handle this interaction. My opponent had a Gelatinous Cube in his field which I had targeted with the Enrage action during my turn. During his turn he fielded Beholder-Master Aberration then attacked with both.

    Does the Enraged action on Gelatinous Cube cause it to assign to attack before Beholder? After all it says "must attack at its next opportunity." We played it as though Gelatinous Cube had to been assigned to attack first therefor Beholder could not trigger it's ability on that turn. Has anyone else had this interaction? Would you have played it differently?

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    What beholder really means... is that he "must resolve this when Attacks ability first, since all characters are assigned to attack simultaneously, sorry for the confusion"

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    Actually Beholder's text reads "If this is the first die assigned to attack this turn." So it seems that it doesn't have to be simultaneous, though you could just push all your dice out together. I don't really see any way of interpreting that line as "when he attacks, resolve his ability first."

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    I was being snarky, because I believe the rules forum has clarified this a bit, but I don't remember where.

    The simple answer is that all attackers are declared at once, then effects are resolved. Also, since it is your turn as the active player, when things happen simultaneously, you can choose the order.

    Just because a card says you must attack, doesn't say you must be the first thing to attack, and doesn't say it is already assigned to attack.

    Linguistically I see how this argument can be made, but within the confines of the rules, there is do distinction to be made, other than beholders effects must resolve before other characters "when attacking" effects.

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    I looked through the rules forum and couldn't find anything about this card's "when assigned first." language.

    With your answer, it makes it seem like this is useless text. I can think of nothing that prevents Beholder from being considered "first die assigned to attack" can you? Sure, the active player gets to choose their own attackers in order of his discretion, however, if a game effect caused a die to attack automatically, hasn't that choice been made for him? I'm sure you're right. My struggle is that your explanation makes the qualifying text pointless, but I suppose we should expect that by now.
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    The qualifying text is there, in my opinion, to prevent you using the ability with each of two or more Beholders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion0x17 View Post
    The qualifying text is there, in my opinion, to prevent you using the ability with each of two or more Beholders.
    I could see that. I guess they were bored with a "once per turn" option, which always seems to be clear. Has anyone ever posted a rules question about what once per turn might mean? To accomplish this purpose in other sets they have used the phrase "The first time." Seems to me that could have worked here.

    "The first time a Beholder die assigns to attack..."

    "When the first Beholder die assigns to attack..."

    "Once per turn (not once per die), when Beholder assigns to attack, you may play each basic action die (without burst effects) as if you had just rolled them."

    Are any of these a better or clearer description of what Beholder is supposed to so?

    What if Maria Hill's card had read "If Maria Hill is the first die drawn from your bag, roll a different "Shield energy" character and place it in your reserve pool." Would we think about her differently?

    I'm sure you are both correct, but Wizkids makes me pull my hair out with their lack of clarity.

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