Welcome to the new home of The Reserve Pool!

This thread will serve to preview some of the bells and whistles of the new site. The most important facet of any competitive game is a solid community - and that is what we are looking to provide. The Reserve Pool has always been about the people, not just the game, and as such, we all get a stake in the creativity, the discussions, and the content.

-- Blogs --------

We have one, and we will continue our blog and our podcast on this site. But we have a new and exciting feature as well: All users can create and manage their own blogs on this website. Perhaps you love a specific set and want to focus on it. Perhaps you want to focus on constructed or limited formats exclusively. Whatever the subject, you CAN do it. The same content guidelines apply to the blogs as to the forums - just keep it nice and family-friendly. So yeah! Give it a try!

We will also make an effort to feature excellent posts and other user content.

-- Wiki --------

What's a game without a strong knowledge base?

We want to document rules, changes, characters, sets, mechanisms, lingo, and everything else. But we want to do it together. We have a wiki here, and it's for everyone. The more exhaustive the better, and everyone has their favorite parts of a game like this - rules lawyering, strategy, limited, constructed, casual, and everything in between.

General wiki theory suggests we should encourage everyone to BE BOLD in editing - and so that's exactly what we're doing! Just dive in and do it. As long as you aren't doing vandalism (deliberately messing things up or deliberately posting inaccurate information), you shouldn't worry about whether you are doing something "right" or not. More experienced wiki editors will help shape it as it goes on.

Click on the Wiki tab to get started.

-- Forums --------

Most obviously, we have our forums. Discuss this game system, rules, and news. Get online and play together. Use the off-topic forum for pretty much whatever else you'd like. Just start with the rules post in our rules/feedback forum and you'll be good to go. We'll use the forums as well as our other resources for contests and other interactive features in the future.

We also plan on having an online league ready soon. See below for more.

-- Database --------

We want to provide an easy way to find and reference all of the cards, and for those cards to be referenced by all of us in the forums. ...to that end, we will soon--by the end of April--have a complete card database included in the wiki.

And any time you want to include a card image in a blog or forum post here, use a "colon code" with the set name and card number. For example, :avx112: would show the image to the right, which is card number 112 in the AVX set. Don't know a card's number, :avxindex: will show you a list of all of the cards in that set.

Other set codes are UXM for Uncanny, BFF for D&D, and YGO for Yu-Gi-Oh.

-- Gallery --------

The gallery tab is where you get to show off your collections, storage solutions, organized play photos, and the like to the whole Dice Masters community. It's pretty straightforward - share with us!

-- League --------

We're support some online organized play. There are casual games as well as a ladder system... and who knows what else! In the future, your donations will help us make prize support a possibility, but if nothing else, it's a place for us to congregate and have fun with this great game.

The system will also help you find people to play *right now.* You can list yourself as "available" when you're online and available to play. Other people wanting to play a game at that time can see that you're available and ask you to play.

Simply go to the league tab above and join any or all ladders to begin!

-- Find Local Players --------

We have a map where you can find local players! It uses an estimate of your location based on your IP address so you can see who is within reach for some more games! Maybe you felt isolated, alone in your Dicedom. Perhaps not!

Users are not visible unless they choose to be. If you have questions, this post from Ken explains it quite well.