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Thread: While I'm Waiting/Teen Titans

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    While I'm Waiting/Teen Titans

    While I wait for my feed to come from coolstuffinc ( via fed ex smart shipping, which looks like it might be slow ) I decided to head to my local comic shop for some wol boosters. After seeing everyone having their fun on here I couldn't wait jajajaja. I picked up about fifty packs, and much to my chagrin, Beast Boy was the only Teen Titan I got in fifty packs?!!! How frequently are you guys getting Titans? I was a little disappointed. Not a single Raven or Starfire for me yet

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    I picked up 58 packs and got Raven, Wonder Girl, Beastboy, and Starfire. Maybe just a quirk in the batch you got? Or maybe mine was the quirk?

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    Oh cool, gratz. Okay, maybe I'll have better luck when the feed arrives. Crosses fingers

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    I bought 20 packs and got rare beast boy, rare raven, and one of the star fires (not sr) and a wonder girl.

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    OK now that I've entered them into DiceMastersDB (SO MUCH THANKS to @Loran for getting it updated with WoL so quickly!), I was incorrect.

    UC Wonder Girl
    R Beast Boy
    R Raven

    No Starfire.

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    I bought 36 packs the day of release and ended up with multiple Ravens, Starfires, and Wonder Girls, but only one Beast Boy (the Rare).

    Out of 84 packs seen during my Draft Weekend for DC, 6 Starfires, 3 Wonder Girls, 4 Ravens, 7 Beast Boys.

    Seems like you just got SUPER unlucky =/

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    I guess it was bad luck. My feed finally came and it looks like it made up for my TT shortfall. I got Super Rare Starfire to boot!

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