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Thread: Captain America: The First Avenger and the attack phase

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    Captain America: The First Avenger and the attack phase

    I understand that if Captain America: The First Avenger is out while Johnny Storm is out on the opponent's side, and the opponent fields multiple sidekicks, Captain will spin up and heal one life when on his * each time the affect occurs.

    What about retaliation during the attack phase? Say my opponent has one of this Batman on the field, along with 2 Aquaman dice:

    Opponent swings with Batman and both Aquaman dice. All three dice are blocked and dealt damage enough to be knocked out. I have one Captain America die at level 1 in the field that does not block.

    What happens? I assume Batman's affect occurs three times despite being knocked out, because it all occurs simultaneously. But what does this mean for Captain America? Does he trigger his affect three time or only one?

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    Batman would not trigger at all. For abilities that trigger due to KOs to trigger the character must be active after the KOs have been resolved.

    If Batman was not knocked out, but two Aquamen were, then his ability would trigger twice. Which would subsequently trigger Captain America twice.

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