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Thread: First time GF FTW

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    First time GF FTW

    I started in on DM with the Marvel/DC stuff cause I love comics. I bought tons of individual packs through various venues and it was awesome but I realized too late that GF's are the way to go starting out. I've since collected most of what I wanted for comics but it was a little silly, haven't played a collectible game in so long I forgot the best way to go about collecting.

    Expanding into D&D which I also love, I rectified this and got my first GF last night. I open it up and very first pack I open I get a SR Terrasque. I'm super pumped but I also have this feeling of letdown as I think "Well ****, there's only 1-2 of these in a GF, I might very well not see any more excitement from this." Talk about blowing your load early.

    I get about 25 more packs in and pull a SR Red Dragon! Happiness rekindled and excitement was back on track!

    I've still got about half the box left to open when I get home from work today but it was just so awesome to have that happen.

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    I find that post 2nd-SR slog to the bottom of the box is the worst!

    After the first SR, particularly if you pull it early, there is that feeling of deflation as you realise you may not get another SR in the box, but there is still at least the hope of another, however once you've pulled the 2nd SR then it is an almost certainty that you won't see another (because though 3 SR feeds have been known to happen they are exceedingly rare).

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    I still get excited about every Rare though, especially if it's one I'm looking for (like Wasp from AoU, or Wonder Girl from WoL).

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    Yeah the Rares keep me excited enough, I just love not getting doubles too often. That's what really drags it down for me too. I got 3 Elf Wizard Rares and was rolling my eyes by the third.

    The WoL GF is in the mail, can't wait to dive into that one now too.

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