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Thread: What can i do against the Dragon Horde?

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    What can i do against the Dragon Horde?

    Hey there, i have a question, since i played against D&D only 2 times and that was in april and in June.
    I wanted to know what should i change on my team , when i play against a guy who plays dragons D&D only?

    Here is my team and please consider that i dont have Super Rares.

    :aou71 Ultron Drone (2):

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    Thanks, but in the end i never used anything of this, only my team , but without constantine, and for this Storm (3) cost but never used her either.

    I want 2:0 in the Match

    1. Round:
    I couldnt field Red Tornado and my Swarm was always destroyed because of dragons. I purchased Johnny Storm and a Hulk and pinged him half the way down until Hulk was out.

    I used 2 times Magic Missile from him(buy always 1 or 2 Bacs of your enemy!^^) and then showdown after 40 minutes of small skirmish(man those dragons are a real pain).

    He had 6 Life and a Half Dragon and a 6/6 Green Dragon outside.

    I had 3 Life , and i rolled 2 times the Johnny Storm die, only double bolts. So i fielded 3 Kobolds, 1 Punisher and 2 Sidekicks but with 3 Fists in the Reserve pool for the Anger Issues Global. Guess Who won?!

    One Turn more and i would have lost.

    2. Round:

    I got my Red Tornado, i was using Resurrection from him second Turn and purchased 3 Kobolds.

    I bought another Kobold in the Third Turn . 4th Turn Hulk purchased

    5 Turn. Red Tornado lvl 3 and Hulk lvl 2.

    I pinged hulk two Times and had 8 Fists in my reserve pool. 19 Damage or so to the face.

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