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Thread: Page Flippers - a gamebook series on Twitch and YouTube featuring DestinyQuest

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    Page Flippers - a gamebook series on YouTube featuring DestinyQuest

    My daughter and I have been working on a new series for our Twitch and YouTube over the past couple weeks and it was finally announced earlier this week - Page Flippers! Page Flippers will feature Michael J. Ward's terrific DestinyQuest gamebooks.
    If you were a fan of gamebooks in the 80s and early 90s or if you like RPGs then you will really enjoy Michael's DestinyQuest series. Page Flippers will be a series that all ages hopefully will enjoy.
    We hope you can join us on Thursdays as Sydney adventures through book 1 - The Legion of Shadow.
    You can check out the announcement at the following link:
    We also have a "How to Get Started" video on our YouTube channel. Thanks for your time -Doug
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    Episode 3:
    Tonight we tackled the Act 1 orange quests, battled weather elementals and rats... lots of rats. They came in all forms and sizes.
    This stream was a little longer than the previous streams and Sydney seemed to trail off towards the end.
    Episode 3 "Forecast:Lots of Rats"

    Remember we have a contest going on for a set of bookmarks sent to you straight from Michael J. Ward. Email us at and in the title put "bookmark1" and send your name, address and the suggestion of the name for Sydney's adventurer.

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    Tomorrow night we start what I'm calling "Page Flippers 2.0" on YouTube at 6PM ET! All new HD cameras, studio microphones and lighting! If you haven't given Page Flippers a shot I would ask that you do tomorrow. If you have watched previous streams these new streams are going to be like night and day compared to the old ones. If you like RPGs, gamebooks or general goofiness we're going to have a great time tomorrow night on Youtube and we appreciate everyone who tunes in.

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    We hit double digits with our tenth episode of PAGE FLIPPERS featuring DestinyQuest "The Legion of Shadow". This episode we get invited to a dinner party only to find out that the hospitality is more than lacking. Watch what happens as we face our fiercest battle yet in "Down for the Count"!
    Congrats to viewer Paul Wilson on winning the second set of DestinyQuest bookmarks! Stay tuned for our next bookmark contest!

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    This week we finally take on a "hard" quest in Act 2 with "The Sunken City". We need to find a crown for some slimy mage before we become a "chest burster" from Aliens. What have we gotten ourselves into?! But Sydney does take a page from Admiral Ackbar's book in "It's a Trap!".
    If you'd like to determine where we head next week reply "619" for the flooded passageway or "556" to climb the kelp ladder in the comments.

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