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Thread: What's the difference between combat damage and non-combat damage?

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    I assume that combat damage = damage that happens when a character swings through or is blocked and overcrushes damage into the opponent, and non-combat damage is everything else. For instance, Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist deal 1 damage in combat damage or non-combat damage when she attacks?
    Combat damage is damage from the characters attack/block. During the attack step when characters attack and block that is combat damage. If the character attacks and is unblocked they do direct combat damage.

    Non combat damage can be considered burn. An example is the one you mentioned Cheetah.
    Her ability for just attacking causes 1 damage regardless. If you block her or let her through is considered combat damage.
    Magic Missile is another form of non combat damage.
    So in essence characters need to physically hit is combat damage.
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