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Thread: Casual Cube For Dicemasters; What Should I buy?

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    Casual Cube For Dicemasters; What Should I buy?

    If this is the wrong forum please move it to the correct one. Thanks.

    Hey all I'll try to keep this short for you. My wife and I stumbled upon this game at a store and were immediately hooked. We used to be into Heroclix but that fell out of favor; we enjoy playing Quarriors but that's kind of limited.

    Enough background, I want to build a DC/Marvel Dicemasters "cube". In MTG, a cube is a collection of cards and the players all draft from that pool and play each other 1 v 1. I'd like to buy the good dice for this kind of project.

    I'm planning on buying the collector boxed and maybe the started boxes for the sets to get enough sidekick die. I'd like to get 4 of the die for each character. So I'm looking for versatile, balanced characters that won't break the bank and are good known characters like Batman and Wolverine. My love for the Thunderbolts may have me include the likes of Baron Zemo though. I haven't played this game enough to really be able to gauge the power of cards/die. I don't plan on ever playing it competitively but I'd like to view or more like a board game.

    ****TLDR; What are good, affordable, recognizable characters that would be good used in multiplayer games?

    Thank you so much. I'd love to get some suggestions. Thanks again.

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    @GenghisTron , ignore SlapsterMcFlash's post, above.

    He is being utterly unhelpful by trying to be 'funny' and facetious.

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    Yeah, I figured from the italics and the need for 16 die. I'm not asking for the whole thing put together just some ones that you guys would put in it. I may come up with a rough draft and submit it in the other format forum. I had so much fun with my wife that I'm jumping head first into this little project.

    I want to be able to have some synergies in the pool like Harleyquinn and Joker (is he even a character yet) and some bonuses for team affiliations like Coulson. I'm going to avoid characters that penalize a player for playing a certain faction, but the ones who are better against a certain type of hero (like wits, brawler, etc) should be find if balanced.

    Oh well, hope I get some good suggestions; but this is the internet and I won't hold my breath. Lol. I guess I'll also try the reserve pool podcast, see if they can also be useful.

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    I didn't offer any input because it's not a format I've looked at.

    I favour constructed.

    However, people definitely have looked at this format and posted about here and elsewhere, so I'm sure you'll get more helpful input.

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    cube drafting is all I do! I have 3 built currently. an avengers cube, a Justice League cube, and a DnD/Yugioh cube. (haven't played the DnD/Yugioh yet)

    You mentioned "multiplayer" in your post. Are you looking to use the cube for 1on1 drafting, or several players?

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    Not a mod or admin, but I believe here would be the appropriate place for that discussion.

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    my cubes are 120 cards, and I only play 2 player (my son and I) although I have drafted with 4. A typical rainbow draft is 24 cards per player. However, we use 20. So I'm using a third of the cube each draft.

    There are 4 enery types in dice masters, so that gives me 30 cards/dice per energy. I have found that 10 unique characters(per energy) is the sweet spot. but instead of using 3 cards/dice per character, I do the following:

    3 characters X 4 = 12 cards/dice
    4 characters X 3 = 12 cards/dice
    3 characters X 2 = 6 cards/dice

    I hope that makes sense. here's a pic:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150919_120503.jpg 
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    Card list:
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    Basically what I have done is taken the entire set of DC Justice League, chose characters that I didn't want in the cube and replaced them with characters from other sets. Then picking which versions I wanted to use for each character.

    I realize I haven't yet answered your original question, but I figured how to build it needed address first.

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    Yeah once I figure out what's in each starter set/collector's boxes I'm going to put them into a spreadsheet and sort them by energy type, team affiliation and cost. That might be a decent skeleton to start from.

    I'd like the cube to be able to support drafting the archetypes (like burn, control, aggro, ramp) and allowing benefits to drafting a team but not requiring that you do. I guess I'll wait until I can figure the contents before posting it, if I created a spreadsheet do you think that would discourage or encourage people from participating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenghisTron View Post
    I'd like the cube to be able to support drafting the archetypes (like burn, control, aggro, ramp) and allowing benefits to drafting a team but not requiring that you do.
    This may be quite the challenge. my cubes are mainly thematic by design, but I haven't really tried this approach.

    let me think here. ...
    using 40 unique characters, you could have 10 be burn characters, 10 aggro, 10 control, 10 ramp. (of course that leaves nothing to "ramp to")
    maybe someone else can add their input to this?

    Building a cube is essentially designing a set. There simply isn't room to effectively have all the different archetypes be reliably drafted with any kind of consistency. which is why collectible game sets typically focus on doing one or two of these.

    in fact, I have intentionally left out the most aggressive cards of the DC: Justice League set, to allow the expensive slower cards to be played.
    Direct damage is so strong in DM, that if it's available in the draft, it will be heavily drafted and too quick to allow the control and ramp to have any success.

    of course you could (and I just might) build 4 different cubes. 1 for each archetype you stated.

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    ramp in dice masters isn't really an archetype, more of a necessity for everything.

    I'm assuming that by ramp archetype, your referring to G beast decks?

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    I'm also concerned about how you should go about acquiring the cards/dice you need to build a cube you'd be satisfied with.

    I've bought a starter and 2 full gravity feeds of each set (along with occasional packs here and there). and yet when building cubes, I've still found myself wishing I had an additional copy of a particular card.

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    Still just dipping my toes in, but they referred to Professor X as ramp in the podcast. But yeah I kinda figured they were decks that tried to pull more die to pay for more expensive characters (say the Hulk. I still have a lot to learn about the game, so these insights are very useful. I just send out a buylist to cool stuff so when they go through it I'm going to use that credit. I just figured this is going to be a long process so I wanted to get it started.

    I imagine that the cube is going to go through many variations as I play with it and see what does and doesn't work; what gets picked last and what doesn't make it into the decks at all.

    I'm trying to study what the pros have played just to get some idea on composition.

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    ah, you want a POWER CUBE!

    read these articles to learn about some good draft cards.

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    here's my DnD/Yugioh cube (for anyone interested)


    The dice:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150922_201836.jpg 
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    I haven't played it yet, so I don't know if it's any good or not...

    When we play it, I'll post about it in my blog.

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