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Thread: Contents of Starter Sets/Collector Boxes?

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    There is some information on the WizKids Dice Masters website:

    The most useful to your project is going to be the Starter Sets.

    These come with 3 card versions and 2 dice for each of 8 characters, as well as basic actions, and enough sidekick and basic action dice for 2 players.

    The collectors boxes, on the other hand, only come with the basic action cards, a full set of basic action dice, but only enough sidekick dice for one player.

    They do give you 4 booster packs as well, but that only gives you 8 random cards and their matching dice.

    Also not all sets have collector's boxes and they can be hard to find, particularly for the older sets.

    You might find them useful for storage though.

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    I'm not the only one. And thank you. I appreciate being appreciated.

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