So today was my first War of Light Rainbow draft. During the process of drafting I only had one goal in mind and that was draft Teen Titans! I just wanted to see if there was enough there to win the draft. So the team was as follows.

Wonder Girl - Cassie Sandsmark
Wonder Woman - Loved By The Gods
Starfire - Princess of Tamaran
Spectre - Divine Retribution
Munk - Empath
Indigo-1 - Iroque
Lyssa Drak - Future Sight
Beast Boy - Animal Magnetism

Stealth Ops

So the idea here was to field all titans and start fielding Starfire like crazy. Well the way I ended up playing this team was much different. I would get Lyssa Drak out as quick as possible to begin controlling my opponents field. Spectre was used mostly to prep my own sidekicks. I would buy Wonder Girl and then Beast Boy. Somewhere in the mix whenever I could I would pick up a Stealth Ops. I would field Beast Boy and wait until I drew Stealth Ops and I has a pretty full used pile. My Beast Boy was consistently swinging through for about 5. I understand that there is a lot of chance involved in this but an unblockable 4 or 5 damage is still pretty nasty. While waiting for the right moment I would buy an Infiltrate and a Starfire. Make Lyssa Drak a Teen Titan and field Starfire. She was consistently clearing 3 to 4 damage everytime I would field her. Obviously it didn't flow this perfectly every game and I had to adjust as needed. For the most part my luck was on point today and it was a lot of fun to play the rare Beast Boy. After seeing his card my first thoughts were this guy is useless. However, the rare Beast Boy won my draft today. He may be worth a second look when it comes to drafting if you want to bring Stealth Ops or if your store allows Dimension Door.